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AMI designs and manufactures a complete line of quality crew seating systems. AMI products are at work the world over, from the space shuttle to thousands of military and commercial aircraft. Our proud team is committed to safety, quality, and the latest in ergonomic technology. We invite you to discover the world of AMI.

Our Mission

AMI is a proud team of people working together to produce products and services that will meet or exceed customer expectations, without exception. We design and produce high quality specialty seats and precision metal products for aerospace and other uses.

History of AMI

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the history of AMI spans over a half century of service to the aviation and aerospace industries. AMI has evolved to become a modern leader in aircraft seating technology. We have successfully designed and manufactured a wide variety of products including the 900 Eaglerock aircraft, over 6000 ejection seats and, proudly, the Space Shuttle Crew Seats for NASA. Current production includes Pilot/Co-Pilot, Observer and Flight Attendant Seating Systems supporting over 200 customers worldwide.

In June of 1997 Coltec Industries completed the acquisition of AMI Industries.
Coltec Industries is a $1.3 Billion Dollar company listed on the New York stock exchange.
Coltec is a group of companies dedicated to both aerospace and industrial markets.

Visit the AMI Aircraft Seating Web Site