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This System combines "Series" and "Model" into a single AD Summary.
And it attempts to define Models to the "Dash Number" level (TC basis).

Inspection Alerts - Stuff you should know!

FAA Requirements:  This System meets all FAA requirements for IAs and Certified Repair Stations to have access to Current Airworthiness Directives.

Note: Our original AD Indexes mimicked the FAA's Summary Subject Index in that it separated those ADs that applied to all Models in a given Series into a Block of ADs for that Series. A separate Block of ADs applied to the specific Model;
e.g. Cessna 172 Series and Cessna 172D ADs.

This System combines the Series and the Model ADs into a single Summary. Therefore, selecting "Cessna 172D" will produce all of the ADs that apply to that airframe including the 172 Series ADs. The sole remaining flaw in the FAA's method is that not all Series ADs actually apply to every model in the Series. The easy example is the Cessna 172R. Most of the Series ADs became "Factory Fixes", however, those ADs will still appear in the Summary because the FAA says they apply to the whole Series of 172s. This change in the way the Indexes work will make things a little easier, however, you still have to read the AD and check Serial Nos.

In addition, this Index goes "deeper" into the Model description,
i.e. the "dash number". The Small AC Index is not affected much by this change. However, Large AC, Engines and Propellers are dramatically affected. We have used the FAA's Type Certificate Data Sheets as the source for all "Official Models" and dash numbers. That reduces the risk of omission, but does not eliminate it. If you have a real "Model/Dash No" that is not shown in the lists, call us -- 800-952-8844.

Last, in some cases, where an Appliance AD affects a limited number of Airframes, Engines or Propellers, we have included the AD in the Summary. Do NOT be mislead into believing that anyone can do a complete Appliance AD check in this manner. Test Delta Pro
You still have to check for Appliance ADs separately.

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